Clear Lake Summer Bass Fishing

September 12, 2018 - Comment

  Pre-fishing for a 2-day kayak only tournament on the renowned Clear Lake in Northern California.

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Pre-fishing for a 2-day kayak only tournament on the renowned Clear Lake in Northern California.


KastKing says:

KBF seems to be really taking off! Keep it up Greg ๐Ÿ™‚

Zachary Spiegel says:

Hey man I was wondering what type of kayak you use? Did I see in a previous video that you have a motordrive? The automatic feature?

Neng Thao says:

All those crappie spots ..

MOBBIN Outdoors says:

forgot to link the weed gaurd connect email:

888 says:

Hi, Greg, do you mind to share some of your rods type and where you get it from? Iโ€™m interested to get some thanks.

Justin Berge says:

Hi GB. Love your channel. Hot tip…was killing it using toads around the deeper mats. They like the faster retrieve. If using a frog instead, fast twitches. Good Luck!

Fishing Experience says:

Hey Greg, love your videos! recently purchased a kayak and doing allot more freshwater fishing. I would like to carry 4 rods only. What do you suggest the must have set ups if you only have 4 rods to choose from no brand is necessary just Rods length and power. Thanks Greg.

bluebird 702 says:

Since there was bait flicking around you and the fish werenโ€™t being caught in that deep of water you could maybe try a jerk bait? Or maybe a swim jig since the chatter bait got eaten on the drop or maybe a shaky head set up with a big worm great video btw

Dustin Littrell says:

I know your spots well. Spent two days on those same areas with 12 other kayaks ๐Ÿ˜‚. Great vid, nice to see Mike and Holly as well.

FitzYakin says:

Great vid. Look forward to more….

Nate Burns says:

When your reeling while drags being pulled your twisting line …..J's

Victor Xavier says:

Clear lake is definitely a big bass lake but it's heavily pressured I'm thinking it's a hard lake to fish except on those rare days when the fish are amped up and biting. Good luck!

TimiNator92 says:

why don't you pitch jigs anymore?

Robert Gee says:

what size dropshot weight do u use

Dog Dude Drone says:

You look tired Greg ๐Ÿ™ Please make sure you are getting some personal time in between vids bro.

Bass Choffel says:

What ramp is that? Was there motel rooms in the background of the ramp? Sorry great video looks like a nice pace to stay and launch the yak.

Micah Crews says:

Impressive skip under the dock at the beginning

Jarrett Smart says:

You should try Sierra Nevadas Old Chico beer, its bomb af๐Ÿ‘Œ

Mack B says:

You should get a 6×12 alum enclosed trailer. Slide the yak right in. No need to unload. Slap an AC on top and a cot inside. Yak camper for tournaments.

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