Foxy-Mate 66 Crab Trap

September 12, 2018 - Comment


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CDP's Onceagain habit of purchasing says:

Cuba – Foxy-Mate Crab Trap Galvanized by Tackle Factory This Cuba Tackle Factory – Foxy-Mate Crab Trap Galvanized is said to be American made, but it comes looking cheap and not as finished as other crab traps I have. The price is reasonable, but I had to use some pricy hog rings to assemble it so it is functional, only after some extensive bending and adjusting of the sides that were getting stuck every time it was pulled up and they would not let down effectively. Weight is an issue also, as this trap is very light weight wire. I will need to add weights to the bottom.

Timothy E. Donnelly says:

Very good product! I have no idea why this product is rated as low as it is. It is not reflective of what it is or its price point.I have a variety of crab traps and the four of these I own are by far the best value and most effective. It’s galvanized so it holds up in the salt water. We use it to catch blue crabs on cape cod. If the crabs are there, it never fails to bring some dinner home.I prefer the galvanized over the vinyl coated traps. It will collapse down, but I generally leave them fully assembled in my dedicated “crabbing bucket”. I used a small strip of thin gauge wire to hold the bait (or bait bag) in place.

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