Promar TR-530 Heavy Duty Crab Pot

September 12, 2018 - Comment

My heavy duty crab pot. 30″X10″ Blue steel. 

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My heavy duty crab pot. 30″X10″ Blue steel. 


ma3cobb says:

well built, big, and heavy duty I just finished using this this for a solid week of crabbing. Everything about this trap is great and I caught full pots of monsters well over 6 inches. The only con that I would warn about is the weight. It’s heavy! There were time last where it took two grown men to pull a pot of 13 up the pier. My 13 yo could not pull it at all so definitely not for kids. You will get a work out but you will also get a lot of crab. I began soaking for 2 hrs before the pull but when I realized how much more weight that added I started pulling every hour. Although it is heavy it still gets pulled by the current even with the 3lb weight I added… so don’t throw off the wrong side of the pier! The last thing to consider is storage. This is a big pot and does not break down. So make sure you have plenty of room not just to store at home but also in your vehicle to transport.Updated note 1/4/18: I purchased an additional trap in preparation for my next trip. I noticed that this trap had a…

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